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What is Wraparound

Wraparound is a collaboration between the Department of Mental Health, the Department of Children and Family Services and Probation.
Los Angeles County has provided Wraparound to families and their children with multiple, complex and enduring needs since 1998. Wraparound is an integrated, multi-agency, community-based planning process grounded in a philosophy of unconditional commitment to support families to safely and competently care for their children. The single most important outcome of the Wraparound approach is a child thriving in a permanent home and supported by normal community services and informal supports.
The Los Angeles County wraparound process has been developed through a collaborative partnership between the County and the Wraparound Agencies (WAs). This partnership, through regular meetings and solicitation of community and family input, maintains high standards, measures the achievement of outcomes and ensures voice, choice and access for all stakeholders.

Wraparound Goal and Outcome

   Goal and Outcome

Wraparound Structure

DCFS currently contracts with 48 Wraparound agencies to provide support to child and youth participants who are currently placed or are at imminent risk of placement within the next 30 days in a group home at a Rate Classification Level (RCL) 10 or above.
On May 1, 2009, Wraparound expanded its target population to include any child/youth with an open Probation 601,602 or 790 case or DCFS case (either voluntary or court), who qualifies for Early Periodic Screening Diagnostic and Treatment (EPSDT) and has an urgent and/or intensive mental health need which causes impairment at school, home and/or in the community.

Wraparound Process

Engagement & Team Preparation
Initial Plan Development
Plan Implementation