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DCFS Office Outreach - Pomona

Welcome to the DCFS Pomona Office Webpage

About the Pomona Office: We are one of eighteen regional offices that are part of the LA County Department of Children and Family Services. The Pomona office is located at 801 Corporate Center Drive Pomona, CA 91768, in the city of Pomona.

Pomona’s Administration:

Pomona's Administration Team - Regional Administrator Jonathan Byers (center)

Our key five goals for the children and families we serve are to
  • 1) Improve permanence,
  • 2) Improve safety,
  • 3) Reduce reliance on out-of-home care,
  • 4) Organizational Excellence, and
  • 5) Child and Family Well Being.

At the core of the various strategies to achieve these goals is a philosophy of inclusion and transparency. With the full adoption of the Annie E. Casey’s Family to Family initiative the Pomona office involves birth parents, resource families, and our community partners to ensure collaboration in the critical decisions that affect the lives of the children and families we serve. We invite you to learn about us, and join us in our efforts to preserve families and keep children safe.

Here are some of our more prominent initiatives and programs:

  • Eliminating Racial Disproportionality & Disparity
  • Family Preservation
  • Family to Family
  • Family-Finders Program
  • Kinship Support Groups
  • Multidisciplinary Assessment Team (MAT)
  • Parents In Partnership (PIP)
  • Permanency Partners Program (P-3)
  • Point of Engagement
  • Prevention Initiative Demonstration Project
  • Specialized Foster Care Mental Health Services
  • Systems of Care (SOC)
  • Team Decision Making (TDM)
  • Title IV-E Waiver Capped Allocation Demonstration Project (CADP)
  • Wrap Around
  • Youth Engagement Efforts:
  • Youth Permanency Unit

Breakthrough Series on Safety & Risk April 2008 (H)

  • In April 2008, the Pomona Office began its involvement in a Breakthrough Series on Risk and Safety. Increased learning in this topic allowed Pomona staff and community partners to identify misinterpretations of these in every-day practice and child abuse assessments. The team has come up with ways to assist DCFS staff to clearly understand these definitions and the implications of their misuse. The definitions of safety and risk are posted throughout the office as follows:
    • Safety: Deciding if a child is in danger of being hurt or neglected right now.
    • Risk: Looking at the possibility that a child may be hurt or neglected in the future.

Breakthrough Series on Eliminating Racial Disproportionality & Disparity (ERDD) - July 2008

  • The Pomona and Metro North Offices submitted an application to participate in the California Disproportionality Project, a statewide collaboration of Casey Family Programs, the Annie E. Casey Foundation, and the California Department of Social Services to support the work of California counties and the state in eliminating racial disproportionality and disparity in the child welfare system. Both offices were formally accepted to this Breakthrough Series Collaborative (BSC) and have begun their work since September 5, 2008. The team involves the two Regional Administrators, Assistant Regional Administrators, and day-to-day managers from the Pomona and Metro North Offices respectively. A Children’s Social Worker, a Supervising Children’s Social Worker, a birth-parent partner, a youth representative, a community partner and a Hearing Officer from Dependency Court also comprise this team. They are all assisting each office in developing and carrying out action items and small tests of change to reduce the racial disproportionality and disparity within the areas served by each of those offices.

For more information on becoming one of DCFS/Pomona community Partners, to receive our newsletter on ERDD, participate in one of our meetings, or to have a link to your organization or group placed on our website, please contact Nancy Urquilla, 626-258-1815.

Pomona DCFS Newsletter
Timeline of ERDD Events
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