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The Department of Children and Family Services - Military Veteran Program (DCFS MVP) consists of DCFS employees who have prior or current military service. Representatives from DCFS MVP voluntarily share their own experience in the military in order to provide direction and support for foster youth considering a career in the armed forces. The goal is to assist the youth with considering whether the military is appropriate and in their best interest.

Through this program, our foster youth may benefit from hearing first-hand experience of military life and gain insight regarding military career options. The youth are encouraged to explore and consider their own educational plans, career interests, short-term goals, and long-term goals. By learning from the employee veteran’s personal story, foster youth gain insight on how military service helped these representatives overcome barriers, learn discipline and become positive members of our community.

Former foster youth currently serving in the U.S. Armed Forces will be able to keep in touch and connect with DCFS MVP. If they are without a support system back home, our former foster youth deployed away from home may benefit from care-packages, postcards and supportive messages. DCFS MVP will help make this happen.

The intent of this program is to be an advocate for our youth, so they may make best choices when signing up for military service. This is an important life-decision for our foster youth. The DCFS MVP volunteers will help our foster youth be aware of the many career and educational options available to them in order to select the most suitable training and G.I. Bill benefits.